31368 Via Colinas #102

Westlake Village, CA 91362



31368 Via Colinas #102

Westlake Village, CA 91362


Where music creation
meets imagination


An innovative method that visits
the student's own musical world


A magical tour of
notes & rhythms

3-%22the-art-of-music-in-an-array-of-easy-entertaining-steps%22-newThe art of music in an array
of easy entertaining steps

A whole symphony
at the ease
of your fingertips

4-%22123-rock-is-an-inspiring-place-to-make-music%22-newA whole symphony
at the ease
of your fingertips

A melodic journey
for all ages

7-%22a-joyful-experience-of-making-music%22-newA melodic journey
for all ages
8-%22an-infinite-world-seen-from-the-eyes-of-a-child%22-new-bAn infinite World seen from the eyes of a child/
9-%22natural-musicality-nourished-by-free-playing%22-newAn infinite World seen from the eyes of a child/
10-%22improvisation-through-musical-stories-as-the-key-of-harmonic-development-development%22-newImprovisation through musical stories
as the key of harmonic development
12-%22learning-how-to-play-an-instrument-has-never-been-this-fun%22-newImprovisation through musical stories
as the key of harmonic development

Fun music lessons for all ages

Tailored to each individual student, our teaching plan combines all the fundamentals of music, structured into a fun program of both theory and practice.

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In-Home or Studio lessons

Whether you prefer lessons at the comfort of your home or at our studio in Westlake Village, we will find a day and time based on your availability.


Instructor-Student Matching

We believe finding the right instructor is essential for the best possible experience when it comes to learning an instrument and starting your musical journey.


Points Reward System

A practice incentive program that gives students weekly accumulative points that they can exchange for fabulous prizes of their choice from their favorite stores.

Professionally Trained Instructors

Professionally trained and friendly instructors with years of experience in the music field.

Pick your instrument

From Piano or Guitar, to Voice or Drums. Our lessons are offered in all major instruments.

Free Trial Lesson

An introductory lesson that will give you a sense of the lessons, the teacher and the experience.

Where Music Creation Meets Imagination

A teaching method that connects our students favorite things in life and combines them into a musical experience to which they can relate

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